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Attendance 3000 - Time and Attendance Solution
Attendance 3000 helps automate your time consuming, time tracking related processes, from employee's time hours worked to exporting data into your payroll system. Our solution helps organizations eliminate the paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance needs.

Employees can easily:
- Enter time for attendance from virtually anywhere, at anytime using only Internet connection and a Web Browser
- Check and review the hours worked before submitting the timesheet, dramatically reducing errors while increasing efficiency
- View presence list and other functions depending on their user rights
Empowering Managers to:
- Track individual employee absenteeism with attendance time tracking eliminating errors arising in Actual Hours worked
- Have access to centralized information from single location for employees time and attendance, making data easily accessible, reducing administration time and allowing Managers to focus on core business functions
- Accurately analyze employee time and attendance
Freeing up Administrators:
- By notifying missing time and attendance reports through emails, resulting in fewer calls to employees and helping in accurate payroll submissions
- By accurately calculating overtime and shift differentials for wage rate variations and enforcing policies such as attendance and rounding rules which saves time consuming, error prone calculations
- By viewing all time and attendance data with a click of a mouse, the need for any manual calculations or data entry is eliminated, thus, saving time and resources while increasing accuracy through automation

Attendance 3000 - Free on the Web
And now supports fingerprint terminals
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